Christmas: Recap

We got a little Christmas snow last night, though it may have actually been Boxing Day snow. I’m not sure. Not enough to worry about, but I started cleaning it off anyway. I’m halfway through and my back hurts so much that I can’t stand. So I will rest up a bit before taking another shot at it and while I do that I will write about what was going on over the last few days.

Last week the kids finished up their semester. Harry drove Bellana’s car home on Thursday. Bellana didn’t come with him. One of her roommates lives down south in the former confederacy (which should be pronounced the way Eric Cartman pronounces it, confederasaw). She and a third roommate helped her drive home. They made it to Virginia on Friday and the rest of the way on Saturday. She was booked to fly home late Wednesday night and get here just after midnight on Thursday.

While she was down south her roommate’s brother started showing symptoms. She saw him on Sunday and then he tested positive on Tuesday. Bellana decided she would do her quarantine at dad’s house while waiting for her PCR test results which probably wouldn’t come back until Sunday. And as such, Christmas at our house was postponed and Jen and I were crushed.

Originally we had talked about moving Christmas morning to New Years Eve as that would be the first day that Jen and I were both off from work and we could do the whole Christmas experience as if nothing had happened. Later it was decided that we would do Christmas morning on Wednesday evening as that would be the next time the kids were here (barring a positive test, of course) and really no one was going to want to wait an extra couple of days.

Yesterday they did their Christmas morning at dad’s house, which they were going to do this year regardless of Covid. In a normal year they would wake up at dad’s and come to our house in the late morning. Next year it will be the opposite. Yesterday though, as the clock ticked over to the afternoon and no kids arrived it was really just devastating. It’s such a silly thing. What difference does the calendar date make anyway. Christmas is a concept. Christmas is a feeling. Christmas is family. So what if we push it off a few days? Well… apparently the calendar date is a big deal because yesterday just felt awful.

And then…

Around 1:00pm, with our Chinese Food “traditional Jewish Christmas dinner” en route, Bellana sent a text. The PCR results were in early and she tested negative. Can they come over around 4:00pm? Yes! Yes you can! They got here and massive hugs were exchanged and Christmas commenced and all was right with the world. They were even able to join in on a quick zoom call with my brother and sister and their families. HoHoHo! Literally a Christmas miracle.

Covid can suck it, we had Christmas after all.

I can’t say it was the best Christmas ever, because the first half of the day was by far the worst, but as Christmas miracles go… I’ll take it!

And that, loyal readers, is the story of the 2021 Christmas that almost wasn’t. Covid Christmas II: The Year that Had a Santa Claus After All.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of those out there in internet land who celebrate. HoHoHo!

Santa came last night and did he ever leave a pile of loot!

The kids seem happy, which is the whole point of the holiday as far as I am concerned. I was a little nervous about my gift selections for my beautiful wife Jen. We set a pretty meager spending limit for each other and I went WAAAAY over it. She made it sound like she cut back on gifts for me and I was feeling pretty bad about the mountain I got for her.

Fortunately she like what I gave her. Even the ones that were out of the blue stabs at random guesses. She found the jokes to be funny, which is also a plus. As for me… she most definitely did not cut back on me! She totally faked me out! I got a new camera lens! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I also got an MXR Uni-vibe pedal which brings me one step closer to actually morphing into Jimi Hendrix. Awesome! There is also a wicked cool pedal board for my growing pile of stomp boxes, and a great new camera bag because now that I own three (3!!) lenses the bag I have is kinda too small. All in all I made out like a bandit! Santa Rules!

I hope all of you who read this also made out like bandits, and I hope that the things that are most important to you on this Christmas day work out just the way you hoped they would. Just like the gifts we got for the kids did, and the necklace and coach bag I got for Jenny did. hehe

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas!