Game Day – Get Hyped

Hello and welcome to the first game day for the 2021 American League Championship Series. Are you psyched? Are you feeling the hype?

If you’re outside of Boston or Houston do you care?

I just tried to read an article about what a slap in the face it is to have the two teams wrapped up in the sign stealing scandal playing each other (again) for a shot at the World Series. I say I tried reading it because I couldn’t get passed the avalanche of video adds playing on the page that would not stop running even when I manually stopped them. I closed the page and I’m annoyed enough to not even link the article at all. Screw your shitty web development. Speaking of shitty, I am using a shitty browser right now… I wonder if I can get an add blocker extension? Probably not.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the trash cans.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the rest of the country flushes this series down the toilet and gives it the worst ratings in ratings history. I actually kinda hope that happens. I am a Red Sox fan and always will be. It’s DNA. I am physically incapable of anything else. Having said that. My team cheated. My team cheated and won a World Series. Houston did it too. Houston developed the trash can banging sign stealing system so I could say that I put most of the blame for the fiasco on them, except that the ringleader was Alex Cora who is our manager.

The fact that the players were not punished is both laughable and insulting. The fact that both managers involved are back in the league is ridiculous. The fact that Alex Cora was fired by the Red Sox when the suspension was handed down, and then rehired when the suspension was up is… I don’t have the words to describe how terrible that is. How disgusting. How offensive. How… evil.

So the whole thing is just gross. If you’re not an Astros or Red Sox fan, please do your best to remind everyone of how awful this is for the league. Don’t hold back. Also, don’t watch. For those of us who are Astros or Red Sox fans. Go ahead and continue to be fans. Root for your favorite team. Rah Rah Rah and all that. Just don’t be one of those assholes who denies the scandal or defends their actions. What they did was shit. Defending it makes you shitty by association. They did it. They suck. We as fans have to take the abuse that entails. Just take it.

Alex Cora is a cheater and so are many of the players who played for him three years ago, some of whom are still playing for him now. I am still rooting for the Red Sox.

Six hours (approximately) to game time.


You know what pisses me off the most?  After a number of years of not paying the slightest inkling of attention to the National Football League, I decide to sort of jump back on the Patriots bandwagon for the playoffs.  I watched quite a bit of their two playoff games, and actually watched the first half of the Colts game on the tube before listening to the second half on the radio.

And what do I get in return for starting to almost think about caring again?  Why the Patriots get accused of cheating again.  Oh thank you so much, Bill.  I really wanted to hear this crap.  They provided 12 balls to be used by their offense.  11 were under-inflated.  Now forgetting the fact that as methods of cheating go, this one is just stupid.  Come on, Bill.  Can’t you come up with a better scheme than this?  Couldn’t you have gotten all super villain and done something maniacal like putting Ambien into the other team’s Gatorade?  Why cheat at all?  Wasn’t the fact that Indianapolis doesn’t know what it’s like to play in freezing rain while you play in snow and hurricane horror on a regular basis competitive advantage enough?

I was this close to having fun with football again and boom, my team gets called out for cheating.  That’ll teach me a lesson, eh?

Major League Baseball Hall of Fame

The new inductees into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame were announced yesterday.  The lucky baseball heroes were…

No one.

I am fine with that.

You can make all sorts of different arguments for and against guys like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds getting into the Hall.  Go ahead.  Argue until you are blue in the face.  The one that works the best for me is saying that this is just an era in baseball history, like the dead ball era, or the color ban era, or whatever.  These are the players who were the elite for their time.  That seems like a fair argument.  I don’t agree, but I’ll give you that one.

The arguments I don’t give you are ones like, everyone did it.  Well, no everyone didn’t.  The league and the hall haven’t banned them so they should get in.  Sure, that’s true that they haven’t been banned, but last time I checked it was the baseball writers who decided who did or did not get in, not the league or the hall.  There are cheaters in the hall already.  Again, true.  Gaylord Perry is the one player most people look at.  My counter argument is that Gaylord Perry and other known cheaters should not be in the hall either.  I believe enshrining them was a mistake.  A mistake that I hope will not be made again any time soon.

There has to be some accountability here.  The league ignored the situation.  The players who weren’t cheating did nothing to stop things or expose those who were (although I always look back at that Mark McGwire interview where he stood in front of his locker with the bottle of andro clearly visible.  Did a teammate set that up?).  The fans ignored the situation too.  We shelled out our money in record amounts to watch a series of lab experiments play baseball.  It’s everyone’s fault.  These hall of fame snubs are just a way for all of us together to acknowledge our own guilt.

Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, you guys are guilty.  No hall of fame for you.  Major League Baseball you are guilty, you get to spend years dealing with the negative press and PR relating to your past mistakes.  Fans, we are guilty too.  We get to deal with the fact that we allowed ourselves to be duped like a bunch of chumps and now we don’t get to see our favorite players honored the way our parents did.  There is plenty of this shame to go around.

Now, having said all of that… Let’s be real.  Most of these guys are going to get in eventually.  Unless the league or the hall itself decide to ban them, these guys who were snubbed yesterday are going to be inducted someday.  It will just take a while.  The simple fact is that it’s too soon.  The guilt everyone feels over this needs time to lessen.  Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, et all are going to be in the hall eventually.  They just need to be patient.  They just need to give us time to heal a little first.

Of course, if these people were capable of being patient and accepting reality none of this would have happened.  So… yeah.

Oh, and one more thing.  I don’t want to hear any bitching out of Craig Biggio.  You were not lumped in with the cheaters.  You were lumped in with the hundreds of players who came before you who were ignored by the majority of baseball writers on their first ballot.  I think you are a borderline hall of famer, but I am guessing you’ll get in.  You are just going to have to wait a while.  Probably not next year but eventually.  You aren’t going to lose support and fall off the ballot.  You’re there and you’ll probably get in.  The same goes for Jeff Bagwell, although the shadow of steroids is going to fall on any player who looks like a musclebound gym rat.  Mike Piazza… offensively you deserve to be there, but defensively… that could keep you out.  You always did sort of suck as a catcher, even when you were knocking the cover off the ball.  I think you get in too, but you might have a harder road.

And Jack Morris?  Next year, buddy.  Next year.