I follow a lot of musicians on various social media platforms.  I follow a lot of performers.  I follow a lot of politicians too.  They all have something in common right now.

They all want my money.

Politicians are looking for money because it’s an election year.  Performers are looking for money because COVID-19 has put them out of work.  None of them are asking for handouts, but they are all asking.  Please buy some merch.  Please by my music on bandcamp.  Please buy a ticket to my stageit show.  Please pledge on patreon.

I have the same answer to all of these requests.  I would if I could, but I can’t.  We’re still working but the economy is collapsing.  I can’t afford to give money to any cause right now.  We could all be out of work tomorrow.  How can I give you money today when my family might need food tomorrow.  Come on, I can’t help you guys.  I want to, I swear I do and I absolutely would if the situation were different.  It’s not though, so don’t be surprised when I get tired of feeling the guilt and start lashing out.

The world is shit right now for all of us.  I can’t help you without putting my family at risk.  Just lay off, please.