Sunday Morning Stuff

The plow guy did a great job. He only did our driveway, not the section of the yard that doubles as the kids driveway, but that’s okay. Those cars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. He did a path from the driveway to the stairs on the side of the house which gains him the title of Hero++. That’s one rank higher than hero. He didn’t do the fire hydrant, but we didn’t ask him to. I went out and did it about an hour ago. Done and done.

I have some laundry to do today. I checked the dryer vent on the back of the house. It’s clear. We are all set to wash the sheets and stuff. Aren’t you happy to hear that little snippet of good news? I’m just a fountain of knowledge today.

The episode of The Mandalorian that introduces Ashoka Tano is so freakin’ good. The episode that reintroduces Boba Fett is almost as good. When he smashes the stormtrooper’s helmet with the gaffey stick? It’s like poetry, man.

Did I mention that the RPM Challenge starts the day after tomorrow? As if I haven’t been boring the crap out of everyone with music posts. Get ready for more, kids!

And that’s where we are at 12:09pm on a random Sunday.

But wait, there’s more! Just before I hit publish Bellana called. We had a FaceTime and it was lovely. Apparently our Dutch friends like to put mayonnaise on French Fries. I don’t know… I don’t know if I can get behind that trend. We’ll see.

Four Lines

In reference to the previous post, Boba Fett did have more than two lines in the original Star Wars trilogy. In fact, he had four lines.

1. “He’s no good to me dead.”

– Boba Fett, ‘The Empire Strikes Back.”

2. “As you wish.”

– Boba Fett, ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’

3. “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.”

– Boba Fett, ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’

4. “What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me.”

– Boba Fett, ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’

That’s it. He has a full blown fight scene in Return of the Jedi and he also gets swallowed whole by a great big worm/bug thing that lives in the sand.

I mentioned he has lines in the prequels and in the Clone Wars TV show. I forgot that he also has lines in the Star Wars Holiday Special. That’s probably the most important Boba Fett scene for me, not because it’s anything special (though it’s not as cringe-tasitc as the rest of the Holiday Special), but because of the fan club.

I was six when Star Wars came out. I say it all the time, but I was the target audience. Star Wars toys instantly because the main focus of my entire existence. I couldn’t get enough, and everything I got my tiny little mitts on was quickly destroyed by the constant usage.

Prior to the airing of The Holiday Special in November of 1978, the Star Wars fan club made an exclusive offer. If you joined the fan club you could get an action figure for a character that would make its debut in the TV special. I can’t remember if I asked my parents to sign me up, or if they did it on their own, but I got that action figure in the mail. Boba Freakin’ Fett. Someone else signed me up as well. I’m not sure who it was. I don’t know if I ever knew who it was. Regardless of who did it, I actually got a second Boba Freakin’ Fett action figure out of it. The character hadn’t even appeared on screen (big or small) yet and I had TWO action figures!

What does all of this mean? Nothing. I just want the show to be good. I want it to reach the very high bar that The Mandalorian set.

Two days.