Random Photo Thoughts

I haven’t shown Bertha the Houseplant lately. We had to get rid of almost all of the plants because we weren’t sure if they would harm the new cats or not. We had to move Bertha to the top of a cabinet in the dining room. She’s not getting nearly as much sun as she was before but she seems to be hanging in there and staying healthy. I saw evidence of a new branch a week or so ago. I took a picture today that I can reference back to the next time I check on her to see if she’s still growing.


After last night’s post where I spit balled a new guitar pedal chain, I put together as close to that board as I could.


The Bonamassa signature Crybaby is at Mike the Bass Player’s house. This is the Gary Clark, Jr signature Crybaby which is really good, but not quite as good. I looked into ordering a Marshall Bluesbreaker reissue pedal last night. Everywhere I generally shop from is out of stock so I didn’t order one. The Blooze Maker is a copy of the original Bluesbreaker. I used the holy hell out of it on this year’s RPM Challenge. It’s super noisy so I kinda don’t want to keep using it, but until I get a real Bluesbreaker, this will be a thing.

The office has two candles burning again. Just ’cause.


Finally, in closing:



…and Lily.


Bertha Update

This morning at work has been INSANE. Crazy upon crazy upon crazy. I went upstairs to go to the bathroom in one of the brief breathing moments and figured I’d take a quick pic of Bertha, seeing as I haven’t documented Bertha’s progress for a while.


Bertha is HUGE, but she hasn’t grown a lot over the last week or two. She’s starting to open up a new leaf now, but it’s been a while since I saw any clear signs of growth. I’m a little worried about those spots on the Ficus though. Those don’t look happy.

Anyway, this will be my photo-a-day pic because I am not going to have time for anything more elaborate.

Duck and cover, it’s back to work time.

Plant Update

Check out the new leaf on Bertha the plant clipping. This is leaf number four and it’s looking real good.

Check this out too. This was a surprise. I’ve been thinking that we’re losing Sgt Angel the Japanese Peace Lilly, but then I saw this last night.

Is that a new flower popping up? Is it going to turn green and be a new leaf? I haven’t a clue, but it’s new and it’s the same color as the flowers that bloom on this plant. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a new flower. The last one is brown and sad and probably 98% dead. Here’s hoping this is a good sign.

House plants! Wow!