Shitty Day Looks Up

Today was tough all around, but after leaving work almost an hour late I got to spend a little time eating dinner with the love of my life. That was a much needed good thing. Now I’m out getting a grossly overdue haircut. I walk into the salon and the first thing I hear is Peter Gabriel on the radio. Sure it would have been better if it was Genesis, but I know a good sign when I see one.

Now I just need to get back to Jen and then the evening’s redemption will be complete.


Remember that post from this morning where I said I was hoping the stress level would be reduced from yesterday?

Good heavens, no. Yesterday’s work day stress times 100.

I think I am going to go outside and crawl under a car or something. Maybe stick my face in a fan. Something less stressful than today’s work day.


Bad Day for the Bruins

The Bruins are getting the shit kicked out of them against the Whalers tonight. It’s just a bad day for the Bruins all around.

Bergeron is out with a head injury.

Marchand was suspended for six games for being a friggin’ idiot against Pittsburgh the other night.

Tuukka Rask put an end to his comeback attempt and called it a career.

And now they are getting spanked like a naughty kid in a movie about some Victorian era orphanage.

Yeah, it’s a bad day for the Bruins.

9:41 PM

Jen just asked me for the time. 9:41PM. I’m at my desk in the bedroom working on something on my computer (and writing a post about it). Jen has already gone to bed, but she’s still awake and baby talking to the cat. It’s pretty freakin’ adorable.

The Bruins lost to Florida. It was a nightmare of a day at work today. I did manage to close all three of my exercise rings but I am super wired from the zany day and just patiently wait to crash. The cat is now laying down on my side of the bed. She may have actually fallen asleep there.

New furnace folks are coming tomorrow. I have meetings in the morning. How much do you want to bet they don’t show up until I am in the middle of a meeting.

All in all it was a pretty crappy day, but Jen is being hysterically funny right now and the cat is being hysterically funny (she just whacked herself in the face with her own tail and got really pissed off). Like i said… it’s a really fantastic day.

He’s Having a Really Bad Day

I just spoke to my sister. My father had a bad day today. I am not going into details, but he had a really, really bad day today.

I don’t know what we’re going to do.

He had a doctor’s appointment with his primary care physician this morning. I sent my sister a text asking if there was any news and she asked me to call. Just as the call connected, a huge thunderstorm broke out. Lightning, thunder, downpour, the full works. The storm outside was almost as bad as the storm my sister filled me in on, but not quite.


Lunch Break Thoughts

I knew that yesterday was going to be a rough day but for some reason I had this weird positive vibe. Like, it was going to be bad yet somehow a good day.

I didn’t have that feeling today. I knew it was going to be a rough day and it’s just continually gotten rougher and rougher. I’m on top of everything at work right now, but somehow it just feels like everything is trying to kick my ass. I mean, it’s not but it definitely feels that way.

Part of me wants to start screaming, but if I do I’m beginning to fear I won’t stop for hours.

Typical, right?

On the up side, I am officially two weeks post-second vaccination shot. Wanna go to dinner or a movie or a concert or something?

…….neither do I.