Goals for the Sun and the Ocean

My goal, never stated until today and pretty much unachievable, is to catch a sunrise or a sunset from each state that borders an ocean and has a good East or West angle. I have New England covered. Rhode Island and Connecticut both border the ocean, but they both face the wrong direction. Rhode Island has a bay that faces East, but I sort of don’t think that counts. I might change my mind on that though. The goal is to see the sun break the water.

So far we have sunrises in…


New Hampshire:
Sunrise on the Atlantic

and Maine:

On the sunset side of things, we have California:
2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 375

That’s four! I’m practically done! WOOHOO

Hampton Beach Sunrise

Remember last summer how I kept saying I was going to get up super early and go to Salisbury Beach and take pics of the sunrise? Remember how it wasn’t until mid-September that I actually did it? This year I thought I’d go to Hampton Beach and do the same thing. I even started with the whole telling people I was going to go and then not waking up early enough to go thing.

Last night we went to bed pretty early. Neither of us slept well on Friday night and we were both pretty wiped out. My poor love has a really bad cold and she was needing sleep. I was just tired. I told my beloved that if I found myself awake around 4am I was going to go to the beach. She said okay and probably assumed I was just an idiot.

I woke up at 2am. Why? I don’t know. I do know that I couldn’t get back to sleep. By 2:30 I was lying in bed reading twitter. By 3:00 I was sitting on the couch watching youtube videos of death metal bands some acquaintances of mine were in back in high school. By 4:00 I was dressed with Waze set to bring me to the ocean. By 6:00 I was back home with a crap load of new pics to bore everyone with.

Here you go…


I pulled into the main beach area parking lot only to find that there was a little peninsula that was between me and the spot the sun appeared to be heading for. Crap! I drove further down and found this little spot between a couple of piles of rocks. The tide seemed to be very much in so I had to climb over an obstacle course of rocks (the ones you see in this pic) to get to it. And the sand flies. Holy crap, the sand flies! They were there in Salisbury last year but they left me alone. Not today. I was bitten a whole bunch of times.

That spot where the sky is starting to get brighter? That’s the spot that I couldn’t see from the main beach.

While waiting for the sun to appear I had to amuse myself somehow. Splash.

There it is, just starting to poke over the horizon.

Meathead continues to amuse himself.

Good morning!









And the nitwit continues to amuse himself.



I put the ND filter on for these, just to see how they’d look.




The land you see here is part of what was blocking the view from the main beach.


And one to grow on.

So last year I went to Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts. This time I went to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. Does that mean next time I have to go to Old Orchard Beach in Maine? The time after that should be Cadillac Mountain, the first spot on the East coast that sees the sunrise. After that I’ll have to go South to Rhode Island, I guess.

Happy Sunday morning sunrise, everyone.

Hampton Beach Sunrise – Long Exposure Edition

I snuck off to Hampton Beach this morning and took some sunrise pics. I took the tripod and the neutral density filter and shot a few long, or longish, exposures.

To me “long exposure” and “30 second exposure” are sort of synonymous in a weird way. When I set up I set the shutter speed to 30 seconds without giving it any thought.

The first few are from before the sun actually came up. It was light enough to read by, but the sun wasn’t over the horizon yet.

30 second exposure

This one might be my favorite of the bunch.
30 second exposure

30 second exposure

Now it gets weird. You put the ND filter on so that you can take long exposures in the daylight. What if the daylight itself is what you’re trying to shoot? Well, if you leave the shutter open too long you get crap like this. (although I still like the rocks in the bottom left)
30 second exposure

After seeing that image in my tiny little display I thought, I guess it’s time to shorten the exposure. I then began to experiment. Duck and cover.

13 seconds, without the sun, and apparently the Earth has begun to tilt out of control (sorry).
13 second exposure

10 seconds, with the sun. A little better, but still a sloppy mess.
10 second exposure

2 seconds. I kinda like this one.
2 second exposure

1 second. Not as dramatic an effect, but still kinda nice.
1 second exposure

I’ll post some of the non-long exposure pics shortly.

Ocean Jones

I am jonsin’ me some ocean right now. It’s hot and muggy in the office and I want to go get knocked over by a big honkin’ wave. I don’t even care if it’s Atlantic or Pacific. (I’d probably pass on the Arctic ocean though)


2012-04-27 - Cove and Sunset 302