I have done a teeny tiny bit more than zero research into Whistlegate. I know what it is, but I haven’t watched any video. My hunch is it’s nothing. However, my assumption is that Houston is cheating somehow. I doubt it’s this thing, but there is probably something. My further assumption is that Boston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta are also cheating. My farther further assumption is that every single team in all of pro sports is cheating in one manner or another. There’s just too much money at stake not to give in to evil.

For future reference, here is a link to a story that has all sorts of video clips related to Whistlegate.

Now if we can just call it something other than Whistlegate because enough already with the *gate labels. Uncle.

Game Day – Get Hyped

Hello and welcome to the first game day for the 2021 American League Championship Series. Are you psyched? Are you feeling the hype?

If you’re outside of Boston or Houston do you care?

I just tried to read an article about what a slap in the face it is to have the two teams wrapped up in the sign stealing scandal playing each other (again) for a shot at the World Series. I say I tried reading it because I couldn’t get passed the avalanche of video adds playing on the page that would not stop running even when I manually stopped them. I closed the page and I’m annoyed enough to not even link the article at all. Screw your shitty web development. Speaking of shitty, I am using a shitty browser right now… I wonder if I can get an add blocker extension? Probably not.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the trash cans.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the rest of the country flushes this series down the toilet and gives it the worst ratings in ratings history. I actually kinda hope that happens. I am a Red Sox fan and always will be. It’s DNA. I am physically incapable of anything else. Having said that. My team cheated. My team cheated and won a World Series. Houston did it too. Houston developed the trash can banging sign stealing system so I could say that I put most of the blame for the fiasco on them, except that the ringleader was Alex Cora who is our manager.

The fact that the players were not punished is both laughable and insulting. The fact that both managers involved are back in the league is ridiculous. The fact that Alex Cora was fired by the Red Sox when the suspension was handed down, and then rehired when the suspension was up is… I don’t have the words to describe how terrible that is. How disgusting. How offensive. How… evil.

So the whole thing is just gross. If you’re not an Astros or Red Sox fan, please do your best to remind everyone of how awful this is for the league. Don’t hold back. Also, don’t watch. For those of us who are Astros or Red Sox fans. Go ahead and continue to be fans. Root for your favorite team. Rah Rah Rah and all that. Just don’t be one of those assholes who denies the scandal or defends their actions. What they did was shit. Defending it makes you shitty by association. They did it. They suck. We as fans have to take the abuse that entails. Just take it.

Alex Cora is a cheater and so are many of the players who played for him three years ago, some of whom are still playing for him now. I am still rooting for the Red Sox.

Six hours (approximately) to game time.