I’m at my mother’s house, nana sitting for the night. As soon as I pulled up to the house I realized I forgot my Air Pods Pro at home. Damn it. I’ve sort of been relying on the transparency setting to let me listen to music or podcasts while I work while still being able to hear what my mother is up to.

Duh. You dope.

Air Pods Pro

I got a set of air pods pro for Christmas. I like them, but were they better than the original air pods? I couldn’t really say. I think the originals fit better, or at least were a little more comfortable. They feel more secure in my ear. Sound wise, they were about the same. If the seal on the pro’s isn’t good the sound is really toppy and a little tinny.

Last night though, it all changed. Last night I seriously bonded with the little suckers. I was sitting up in bed watching an episode of The Stand (I’m still a bit behind) and I literally couldn’t tell if I was hearing the audio through the air pods or not. It was so clear and perfect, I thought it was coming through an actual speaker. Nice. I had the noise canceling on, which was okay. The transparency thing is good too, but I was the only one awake. The spacial audio… well… as someone who used to be an audio engineer (at least in his head he was) I find the very concept offensive. Some kick ass audio engineer worked his or her ass off to place every sound within the stereo spectrum, and then here’s Apple saying if you turn your head the air pods change the perspective with you. Ummmm… no. I think I’ll go with the audio professional’s opinion of where the sound should be coming from.

Anyway, the point here is that I’ve finally had a break through moment with my air pods pro. For the first time, to my ears at least, they lived up to the hype. Nice!