Advertising Space

I’m watching last night’s mid-season premier of Fear the Walking Dead on the AMC website. It is one of those things where they have the commercial breaks built into the stream. Was it Hulu that did that first? I always think of it as Hulu but I don’t have a clue really. It’s not a big deal really, but today the commercial breaks are pretty painful. On two of the breaks it ran the same AT&T commercial four times in a row. The same commercial, eight times in less than 10 minutes. What the hell, bro?

As for the episode, I saw what was coming a mile away. Oh well.

Opt Out of Google’s Focused Ads

Do you have a Google account? You know how Google Ads are based on things you’ve searched for? Did you know you can opt out of that? You’ll still get ads, but they won’t be based on things you’ve been discussing in Gmail or watching on Youtube, or any other creepy things like that.

I assume Google will still store all of that info, but at least there will be one less place they are using it to make money off of you.

Go here:

Click Account History from the menu near the top of the page.

At the bottom of the page there is a section called Related settings. Go to Ads and click edit settings.

At the bottom of the table there is a row called Opt-out settings. You can opt out of focused ads both on Google sites, and on non Google sites.

I found this information on this article from