National Solo Album Month: Complete

I just finished the 10th and final song for this year’s National Solo Album Month. Proud of me? No? That’s okay. It still feels nice in a goofy, musically masturbatory way.

Because this is supposed to be an actual album, not just a write-10-songs-in-a-month thing, I am going to give it some actual cover art, and a title. I think this song will end up as the title song. Not sure yet. If so I think I’ll find the cover photo in one of my vacation-to-Washington albums on Flickr. I also need a real running order rather than just put them in the order they were mixed. Hmmm… so maybe I’m not actually done after all. I’ll post the whole thing after I figure that out.

Almost Done with NaSoAlMo

I’m almost done with this year’s National Solo Album Month. As previously mentioned, I added the vocals to the last three songs today. I was also able to add the lead guitar to those last three songs as well, and I’ve topped it off with a mix.

This song was absolutely meant to be a throw away thing that I would stick at the end of the final record and never listen to again. Now that it’s done? I kinda like it. It’s got some groovy little vibe to it that doesn’t make any sense to me but I’m not going to knock it.

Car Music


All of the vocals for the November music are finished now. I picked off a re-record vocal too. I belted so hard for so long on that one that I had a pretty bad headache by the time I was done. Ouch. How do real singers do it? Actually, forget that. I don’t wanna be a real singer.


Said it before, but playing the guitar like a doofus is what passes for Covid-19 mental health therapy for me.

Added leads to a November song. Added rhythm to a November song. Added rhythm to a re-recording song. That puppy was a work out.

My SG is finally making an appearance in the Great 2015 Re-Recording Project. Will I got back to the ES-335 for volume 4, or will that be the Les Paul? Do you care? No? Do I care that you don’t care? No? Does any of this mean anything other than me getting my frustrations out in the middle of the corona-quarantine? Nope.

Music Progress

I mixed two more NaSoAlMo songs tonight but is down so I won’t share them.

Six songs finished, three more in the pipeline. I still need to come up with one more.

There’s nothing special in this batch. Nothing terrible, but all kinda blah. My playing isn’t very good right now. I’m trying my best but it’s all kinda sloppy and weak.

Here’s what I have so far.

Sometimes Plans Change

I told myself I was going to restrict myself to two pedals for the November music. That lasted through six songs and part way into the seventh. First I swapped out an overdrive for a fuzz so I could do some noisy bits. Then I dropped both pedals and went back to my regular pedal board. I just like it better, and it’s got the digital delay that I wanted to use.

Oh well, sometimes plans change, right?