Tonight I got to visit two old friends. Mike the bass player is my oldest friend. We haven’t seen too much of each other since COVID hit and the band went on hiatus. It was great to see him though. Jeff the drummer moved to the west coast before COVID. We were trying to figure out when the last time we saw each other was. I want to say 2008. I know he met Jen at least once so it was post-2007.

Jeff recently became a grandfather and he came back to New England to visit the baby. He asked if we could get together and we made it happen. He’s doing really well out there, living the pro musician dream. It was so great to see him and catch up after all these years.

Hopefully we won’t let another decade go by before we do it again. Next time we’ll have to figure out a way to play some music together. I don’t think the three of us have played together since maybe 1990? There was a forth guy in that band way back then. He was working tonight, also living the professional musician dream. Next time we’ll have to find a way to have him join us too.