Ahsoka Trailer

This show is gonna be awesome… I hope. I read the Heir to the Empire books decades ago and while they were okay at the time, I don’t think they hold up against both the prequels and the sequels. I mean, the prequels showed us that the Jedi weren’t cloned in the clone wars, and that there can only be two Sith at any given time. That sort of removes the plot line of a cloned Sith surviving the Clone War to be Thrawn’s helper, right? I absolutely do not want to see Heir to the Empire brought into cannon. Lets just have a brand spanking new story where Thrawn is a bad ass bad guy and a bad ass ex-Jedi takes him down. I could go for that.

The immediate impact of this trailer is that I have to put my X-Files and Deep Space Nine rewatches on hold while I rewatch Star Wars Rebels. Ezra, Sabine, Hera, Thrawn, and that annoying friggin droid are all making the jump from the animated series to live action. This new show is starting to look like a live action Rebels Season Five. There are 75, 22 minute episodes. I should be through them all in a few days, right?