Good TV

Yesterday’s episode of The Mandalorian was one that we will someday look back on as one of the best from the series. It was fantastic. Literally everything about it worked perfectly.

Today’s new episode of Star Trek Picard? Same thing. We’re going to look back at this one as a highlight not only of this show, but of Next Generation Star Trek in general. It was so good that I was sad when it ended.

It’s a good time to be a television viewer and a science fiction/fantasy/action adventure fan.

Leaving space behind, temporarily, the season one finale of Poker Face is out today too. I am really happy with that show. I’ve enjoyed every episode, and there are a couple of A+’s in there too (looking at you, episode nine and the one with the mom from Who’s the Boss, and episode one). I’m trying to get back into Extraordinary as well as I started watching that with Jen but she said she wasn’t interested anymore and let me finish it on my own. I still have 3-4 more episodes to go, but it’s a good show… just maybe not quite as good as Poker Face. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that a new episode of The Bad Batch came out yesterday too and while that show has been hit or miss in season two, the two most recent episodes are both major hits. Yesterday’s was great.

In closing, let’s not forget that as I am listing off excellent TV shows that are currently airing that the single best show that’s out right now is going to wrap up it’s first season on Sunday. I’m talking about The Last of Us, of course. As good as all of these other shows are, and they absolutely are, The Last of Us leaves them all in the dust. It’s gut wrenching and emotional and exciting and terrifying and pretty much perfect and Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey deserve all of the awards. All of them.