This is Only a Test

We had just finished a couple of rides and a “quick” breakfast in The Land section of Epcot. Jen was in the ladies room and I was outside on a bench waiting for her. I spent the first half of the morning playing with the film camera and I decided that switch to the digital.

I set the ISO super low (100) and started goofing around. I pointed at a garbage can near me with the aperture set to f8 for some reason. I set the shutter speed so that the light meter was right in the middle and took this picture.


The shutter speed was set to 1.6 seconds. This should have been a god awful blurry mess. Instead it’s almost clear. I knew that either the camera or the lens comes with image stabilization, or vibration reduction, or whatever it’s called, but I had no idea it would work this well with a shutter this slow.

Now if I could just get my film camera to respond like that, I’d really be cooking with gas!