Christmas Eve

Hello and welcome to christmas eve! It was 55 degrees out yesterday and it’s 10 degrees out right now. That’s a 45 degree swing in about 15 hours. Hooray! Also, I have a bad stomach ache this morning. It’s all winning today, left and right. Hooray!

I have more cookies to bake today. I am finished with today’s exercise. What else. Don’t think I am going out to take christmas eve pics because, as mentioned, 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I am certainly not going to the ocean. To hell with that frosty noise.

Okay, time to start the day. HoHoHo

Also, Jen sent us this a few minutes ago. Apparently Santa Claus gets a fighter escort from NORAD in both the US and Canada. Nice of the red suited dude to slow down for them, right?