Busy Morning

The snow came early. It was supposed to switch from rain to snow by 9:00am or so. At least that’s what weather.com told me last night. When I got out of bed at 5:30 it was already snowing. Not a lot, but enough to cover everything.

I did my fake running and tried to have a shake for breakfast (and failed, see the previous post). Then I cleaned off the cars and took the Mazda for an oil change. It went a lot faster than I expected so I drove to Lowell for my 9:30 appointment at the Mazda dealer (a recall that involves a software update) and stopped to snap a few film shots along the way.

Now it’s 9:17 and I’m in the dealer’s waiting room. They are telling me it’s 45-60 minutes for the update. What is this, an Apple Watch? Sheesh!

Next on the agenda is going back to the mall to get the effing security tag taken off my new winter jacket. I might try to snag a couple of near-last minute xmas things while I’m there, and maybe a black and white film pic or two? After that it’s back to the grocery store for the stuff we forgot to get last night (how typical of me), and then I t’s home to ride out the rest of the storm and wait for kids to start showing up.

Busy morning, but it should be a good day. Here’s hoping.