Get ready for a riveting post about my time out of the house running errands today!

First stop was the Methuen Police Station where I participated in early voting for the November mid-terms and took this artistic masterpiece of a park bench pic, complete with the shadow of my huge head.


Next stop was Lowes where I did a curbside pickup of something for the kitchen and some pet-safe mouse traps because mice.


Also, what the hell is this thing?


Next stop was the gas station where I got some gas. I took this because I want to be one of the cool kids on youtube who always take pictures of gas stations at night using CineStill 800T film.


The next stop, as alluded to in a previous post today, was the jewelry store where I picked up my resized wedding ring (it’s a little tight, but that’s good) and Jen’s repaired engagement ring.


Obligatory pic-of-the-side-mirror pic.


Next stop was the grocery store where I took the now obligatory cart corral series pic.


Finally, while at the grocery store I bought some bird seed to fill up the bird feeders.


After this I ate lunch and carved a pumpkin. What a day! I also watched a Bond movie last night and then watched another one while carving said pumpkin. Could it be that after the stupidity that was Moonraker, they made a pretty good all around movie in For Your Eyes Only? I mean, I’ve seen all of these movies 100 times each, but I don’t think I ever watched them in order and I was really surprised how much better For Your Eyes Only is than all of the previous Roger Moore movies. Also, it’s a Game of Thrones episode. The bad guy is played by the actor who played Grand Maester Pycelle, and one of his henchmen is played by non other than Tywin Freakin’ Lannister! I did not see that coming at all!