Riverwalk in Lowell

My final stop today was the riverwalk on Pawtucket Blvd in Lowell. The Merrimack looks huge there and I don’t think the shots came out very good. At least they don’t look as good as actually being there looked. I don’t know.


There are a couple of places where you can walk right to the water’s edge. My favs from the visit were taken at one of those spots.

Album cover

The bridge in the distance is the Rourke Bridge. The story as I have heard it is the bridge was built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a temporary structure… back in the 1970’s (I think)… and it’s still there with huge amounts of traffic sitting on it around the clock. Either that story isn’t true, or it probably isn’t a good thing.


That’s my old school across the river, but that parking garage wasn’t there when I was a student.


And we close the post with a faux artsy lamp post shot. Like ya do.


And that is the end of my picture taking bonanza of a PTO Friday. Tomorrow we go to Vermont and we may take the scenic route… so hopefully another blitz of pics tomorrow. Bring it on, babie!

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