Plum Island Lighthouse

If the stop at Hampton Beach on the previous post was a waste of time, this next stop was a lot of time for very little result, but still kind of worth it.

I drove from Hampton Beach to Plum Island to see the lighthouse. I knew from Googling that the light house itself would be pretty underwhelming, but I wanted to make the trip anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Plum Island, and I had to drive through Newburyport which I know has a lot of great views.

I think I set my personal record for most draw bridges crossed in one day. Three. I also think I set a record for most turns missed while using a GPS in one morning. Three, again. I didn’t stop anywhere besides the light house but if I ever go back I’ll know better. There is an airport in Newbury that is cool. There is a marina in Newburyport that is beautiful, though I couldn’t find anyplace to park. There are also some abandoned houses along the route that would be worth snapping a pic from the side of the road. The area around the lighthouse is where the Merrimack River dumps into the ocean. I didn’t see a clear pathway through the buildings to get to the water, but there had to be one there somewhere. I saw signs for beach parking but didn’t see a beach.

As I said, the lighthouse is super underwhelming, but still kinda neat. It’s not on the water, and it’s not tall at all, which makes me wonder what the point of it is. Still, I took two pics. The first one is okay. The second one isn’t.


The winding twisting turning drive from the Hampton down to Plum Island took a lot longer than I thought. The drive back to route 495 was more straightforward, but it felt like an eternity. It was probably 25 minutes, but it felt like six hours. The highway just never showed up. It was weird.

I left the house at 5:50 or so and got back a couple of minutes past 8:00. It was a quick trip that seemed a lot longer than it was.

I have to go out again to run an errand. I might make a second pitcher taking trip out of it and hit the ponds in Tewksbury and maybe the Merrimack in Lowell. We’ll see. I have the day off today and Jen doesn’t so I am on my own. I think I’ll go eat some breakfast before I go out again though. How does scrambled eggs sound?