Nothing Going On Today

I have nothing on my mind today. It’s weird.

I did my 30 minute walking in place. I ate breakfast. In 33 minutes I’ll be able to drink water again. The work day has started. Everything is proceeding nominally. Weird.

I haven’t done any work on the summer song writing thing. I did some over the weekend, but I haven’t played any real instruments and I am only up to six songs in progress. I’ve wanted to work on it, but I’ve wanted to hang out with Jen and the kids doing nuttin’ in the living room more.

I haven’t done any film photography fun for a while. I have two rolls ready to develop. I was hoping to have at least three before I decided where to ship things off to. Not sure when any of that will happen.

I haven’t seen my parents in quite a while. I need to fix that. We had a little Covid-exposure scare at the end of last week so we locked ourselves down. I didn’t go anywhere until yesterday, after we declared ourselves in the clear. We had some dead car battery excitement yesterday. Bellana’s car hadn’t been driven since January. Jen had started it a few times, but yesterday it was as dead as dead can be. We had to have it towed. Hopefully it’s okay today. I’ll find out.

Bellana’s coming back here tomorrow. Harry’s coming back here on Friday. I can’t wait to see them both again and I can’t wait to have them both in the house. It makes it feel even more like home. I really love my family.