Silent on the CVS Front

It’s been two weeks and two days since I dropped off my first roll of film at CVS in Methuen. No word from them yet. It’s long enough that my second roll of film is now within the 7-10 day window. It’s been eight days.

Pretty much guaranteed that I won’t be using CVS again. I’m going to have to start trying online labs. There is one in Maine and one in Portsmouth, NH. They both look promising and the shipping time will be nice and short. I have one roll of film sitting in my desk ready to go. I’ll hold on to it until I have another roll or two to develop and I’ll send them all off together. The Ebay camera is supposed to be here by the weekend, so I’m probably going to want to shoot a roll on that to test it out. The seller was iffy on the lens he/she is sending along with the camera body. If it’s bad, developing a roll of film will show that, and then I can wait for Santa to get a lens upgrade.

I need a less dumb hobby, don’t you think?

Unrelated note: There is a fly in here with me. It has the whole friggin’ cellar to bother but it’s hanging around near me and it’s driving me crazy. I turned off all of my desk lamps in the hopes it will go find other lights to circle, but it’s still hanging around me. Maybe it is drawn to the window? Maybe my monitor is brighter than each individual ceiling light? That’s doubful.

Either way, as soon as that sucker lands somewhere within reach, the little notebook sitting on my desk to my right and I are going to terminate it with extreme prejudice. Splat, bitch.

ADDENDUM: The fly has ended. The world is safe once again.