I Wimped Out

I guess there is a limit to how much in-person social interaction I am comfortable with in this Covid nightmarescape.

I went to a doctors appointment. I was told that I am a little ahead of the norm as far as weight loss is concerned and that I am doing great. Also, when it comes to food selections the gloves are off, babie! Sort of. They said it would be a good idea to hold off on pasta, rice, bread, and crackers for another month, but otherwise I should feel free to eat things that don’t have sugar because sugar will make me super sick.

After the appointment I was going to go to Guitar Center to see about selling my Strat, then to Best Buy to get a camera bag for Dad’s camera, then to visit mom. When I left the house I chose to leave my Strat behind and when it came to Best Buy I bought a camera bag from Amazon. I did see my mother though. She was a little more with it than the last few times I’ve seen her, but also confused about her situation. That means the visit was equal parts happy and painful.

Another potential stop would have been the Goodwill store in Salem. I spent a couple of hours last night watching YouTube videos of a photographer going to thrift stores searching for cameras and finding kick ass film SLR cameras and I want in on that fun. Not today though. I chickened out, and the chicken was seasoned with Covid.

So maybe I’ll feel more confident over the weekend. Maybe, but probably not.