Save That Roll

I did some Googling and some YouTubing today looking for ways to maybe save the half roll of film that I think I lost this morning. I found nothing.

Later, after work, I was on the Reddit app and I saw a post on a photography subreddit asking how to fix a roll that was accidentally rewound. Not the same problem I had today, but the same result.

The suggested fix was to reload the film and shoot blank pictures until you are past the last photo you knew you took. I think I was at shot number 12. I should put the film back in, sit in a dark room with the lens cap on, and click/wind at least 12 times. I’m thinking 14 to be safe.

Cool! I’m going to try it. Worst case scenario is I screw up a few pictures that likely weren’t good anyway. I can handle that. Not until the roll I loaded this morning is out though. I don’t want to do this twice.

I’ve also been poking around for Nikon SLRs that are as simple as Dad’s Pentax. The hope being I could use the lenses I already have for my D90 with a film camera. Unfortunately every model I look at is way more expensive than I expected. I was hoping to find old stuff for sub-$50 or so. Not likely.

It doesn’t matter. I’m good with what I have. Assuming it’s not somehow broken.