I Don’t Have a Clue

I experienced my first loading of a film camera today, and I sure as hell fucked it up. Of course. The question then is… how bad?

I’ve been sitting here watching youtube videos both on my camera and on tips for shooting film, and common mistakes. This video is on common mistakes:

One of the mistakes noted is failing to advance the film after each shot. Specifically, the film comes off the track and doesn’t move when you wind the film. I took two pictures earlier today but I thought to myself, what if I am guilty of this? I took a third pic, advanced the film, and nothing happened. I had to open the back of the camera and fix it. In doing so I exposed the film to the light. My question… how much did I expose? Just the area that I could see? Did I burn the entire roll? I won’t know until I get it back from the developer.

Yippee Skippee. The first of a lifetime of film related fuck ups has been fucked up. Amen and Huzzah.