My sister was at my parents house in Tewksbury today cleaning out one of the dressers. She sent a text to me and my brother. She said she found Dad’s old Pentax 35mm camera, do either of us want it?


I don’t think it works. I seem to remember it was a pain in the ass to use. I don’t care, I want it.

A film camera. I had a little point and shoot film camera back in 2000 or so. I took it to a Halloween party and one of the people I was with dropped it and broke it. I got it fixed and let my parents take it to Las Vegas with them and one of them dropped it (on top of the Hoover Dam) and broke it again. That was the end of my film camera experience.

Can you still buy rolls of film? Can you still get film developed? Will I have to learn how to do it myself? How much do those funky red lights and stuff cost?

I am willing to bet that if I take this camera home with me, it will never get used. It’s still totally worth it though. I seem to remember Dad letting me use it at Niagara Falls. I think Jen and I will have to go back there so that I can relive that memory.

Say cheese.