I am so hyped about the Obi-Wan Kenobi series that I can barely focus on anything else. The first two episodes came out yesterday and they were so good that I can’t even process it. When Disney first bought Lucasfilm they immediately started talking about a Kenobi movie and I was super excited. Then they scrapped the Story movies and I was disappointed, like everyone else. Then Disney+ was announced and the scrapped Kenobi movie became a Kenobi series and my hype level skyrocketed.

And now it’s here. The first third of it at least. I will not spoil anything for anyone as I want the entire Earth to hang on every second the way that I did. The first episode establishes the current situation and the second episode throws the whole thing into overdrive. It is so well done. I cannot wait until the third episode to come out on Wednesday. It’s a safe bet I will watch the first two at least one more time before then. They are both so good, I can’t stand it.