Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

So Doctor Strange 2 comes out on May 6th. Will I have the MCU rewatch complete by then? It would be cool to finish the rewatch and then immediately go see the new movie. Obviously that won’t work out because I am having surgery on May 4th, and also the pandemic is still a thing and I ain’t going anywhere near a movie theater for a while yet.

So I guess the question isn’t will I be done with the rewatch by the time the next movie comes out, but will I be done before the next movie hits Disney+. This new Thor movie, Thor #4, comes out in July. What will the world look like at that point? Much like Thor himself, will I be transformed from Fat Rob to Thin Rob? No. No I will not.

Will I be Thin Rob by the time Thin Thor hits Disney+? No, probably not. Stop fat shaming the god of thunder, fat boy.