Electric Fireplace

The idea was to get an electric fireplace to act as a swanky space heater for the cellar. It gets chilly down there and we wanted to have a heat source for movie marathons and work days and such.

Jen bought one, then found a better one that is built into an entertainment center and bought that one too. The plan was to cancel the first one but the seller wouldn’t let us. Then we tried to refuse delivery but UPS brought it to the wrong door. So now what? I guess we’ll put it together and use it in the fireplace? Sounds like a plan.

Unfortunately, but fitting given the previous events, it’s mangled. A huge dent on top and a huge-er dent underneath. One of the legs doesn’t fit so I monkey’d something together temporarily.

I’m guessing the next time we have someone come here for a junk pick up, this will be leaving us.

It’s cute though.