Happy Bonus Day

My company gives an annual bonus when they can and today is the day for this year. Happy Happy Bonus Day, co-workers!

That’s one way to make Monday a little more palatable. I had one of those internal calendar confusion moments last night. Jen and I were in the living room watching a Bravo show about ladies screaming a lot. I was doing a little Twitter doom scroll and I saw something about the cold open from Saturday Night Live. Wait, I thought. It’s only like 8:00pm… why is someone sharing the open from SNL if it doesn’t happen for another few hours? Pause while my brain struggles with math. Shit, because today is Sunday, not Saturday. Shit. I have to work tomorrow.

12 hours later, here we are.

I have a lot of meetings today but they should be okay. Hopefully it will be a quiet yet productive day. May your days be productive and quiet as well. It’s Monday, folks. Let’s all duck and cover and get through it together.