Music Nerd Meets Stats Nerd

Okay, this post is going to be dumb. Just making that claim ahead of time. Transparency, right?


The Great 2015 Re-recording project was meant to take songs from older music projects and update/upgrade them. Last night I was wondering, which old projects contributed the most songs? In other words, out of all the crap I’ve done, which ones had the best songs?

So I made a spreadsheet because I am a fricken nerd.

There are six Quarantine Tunes projects. Number five is all from this year’s 50/90 so it really doesn’t count. For the other five projects there are a total of 47 songs, which is WAY more than I was originally planning.

Here’s the breakdown of where they all came from:

Original ProjectNumber of Songs
2007 RPM Challenge2
2008 Song Fight1
2009 RPM Challenge2
2010 RPM Challenge3
2011 Test Drive GarageBand for Mac2
2011 RPM Challenge2
2013 NaSoAlMo1
2013 RPM Challenge2
2014 50/905
2014 April Music2
2014 June Music3
2014 RPM Challenge3
2015 RPM Challenge2
2016 50/901
2016 RPM Challenge6
2017 RPM Challenge1
2018 RPM Challenge1
2019 Album in a Day1
2019 RPM Challenge1
2020 50/901
2020 June Music1
2020 RPM Challenge2
2021 RPM Challenge1
2012 RPM Challenge*1

There you have it. The 2016 RPM Challenge has contributed six songs for the win. The 2014 50/90 is a close second with five. Good work, folks! Now I have all the facts. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle**.

*Yes… when I was typing all of that garbage out I missed an entry. Sadly, the editor’s table function doesn’t let me insert a row, so I stuck it on the end. Yeah… I suck.

**Go Joe!