Three Days

Thanks to some lucky calendar coincidences, I only have a three day work week this week. Talk about a relief.

Christmas is a day off for us. Christmas is Saturday. When Christmas falls on the weekend the rules are we get Friday off for Saturday holidays and Monday off for Sunday. Therefore we get Friday off this year. Sweet.

Christmas Eve is also a day off for us. We’ve had this particular non-national holiday for a few years now, but this is it. Starting in 2022 (2020 too) it’s back to working on Christmas Eve. This year though, Christmas Eve is on Friday, but we’re off on Friday because of Christmas Day, so we “celebrate” Christmas Eve on Thursday and we get Thursday off.

Every once in a while, the calendar just comes through for you, man. In a big way.

So we’re off on Thursday and Friday and we only have a three day week. Next week will also get some calendar magic as New Years Day is also a holiday that falls on Saturday, meaning we get Friday off. We don’t have a New Years Eve holiday, but the schedule works out that we’re off that day anyway.

Let me take this opportunity to praise 2021 for ending on this little up note, even though almost everything else this year has been rotten festering garbage and thanks to omicron there’s no reason to expect 2022 (2020 too) will be better.