Laundry Fail

I hate when this happens. It’s so damn infuriating.

I washed our sheets today. One fitted sheet, one non-fitted sheet, two small pillow cases, and two large pillow cases.

It should be easy. It should be the most simple thing in the world.

One of the small pillow cases got wrapped up in the fitted sheet and somehow got rolled into a tight little ball. I didn’t notice it until I was making the bed and had already finished with the fitted sheet. What, may I ask, is that bump in the middle of the bed? Why it’s an effin’ pillow case.

That’s not the infuriating part of all of this. The infuriating part is that due to being rolled up in a little ball, the rat bastard was still wet! I had actually put the sheets through the dryer twice and the little rat bastard was still wet!

Oh, you sonofabitch. How I hate when you do this to me. How I loathe it. Oh, how furious I feel.

Stupid pillow case. Stupid fitted sheet. Stupid, stupid pillow case and fitted sheet.