Making Music Makes Me Feel Better

I just finished the stupid national solo album thing. It wasn’t very good. There might be one, maybe two songs worth revisiting in the future. The rest… eh.

There is also the never ending, on-going re-recording project. I just checked my Trello notes. I haven’t touched any of that since November 13th. I was running late on the solo album thing so I focused on that.

Until this morning!

I took a song from this past summer’s batch. Redid the MIDI drums and bass tracks entirely, cut out a section that sounded overly repetitive (which is hilarious as all of my shit is uber repetitive), and cranked up the tempo.

The re-recording thingie project thingie has been officially brought back to life.

I’m sorry, music lovers. There is more crappy music on the way, and by extension there are more crappy blog posts about crappy music on the way too. WOOHOO!