Get Back Episode Three

As usual, no spoilers.

Episode three is worth it just for the rooftop. My personal favorite part is Paul playing step dad to Heather, and John teasing her about cats.

I loved every second of the entire three part series. I’ve been in almost all of those situations. Bands writing songs and having conflicts over who should play what and how, including wanting to let your band mates play your songs how they want but also wanting them to just do what you tell them. Also, bands falling apart because they are unable to set goals. Also, bands under deadline pressure who waste huge amounts of time goofing off.

The Beatles were just like all of the rest of us, and Paul was a step father. Can you say, relatable? I would watch the whole 7-8 hour thing again, over and over.

Also, I got a goofy kick every time someone called Ringo, Ritchie or Rich. Not sure why, I just loved it. Every time.