New Porcupine Tree?

I thought Steven Wilson ended Porcupine Tree? They released a single today (I think it came out today at least) so I guess not. There is a little blurb on their website that implies this is not an outtake from a previous record. Cool!

I’m only a couple of minutes into it which is much further than I got into Steven Wilson’s last record which was just too awful to deal with (To the Bone was the first record of his I ever heard and I loved it, but I guess that turned off a lot of fans too?). My ears were insulted, but I still tip my hat to the guy for doing what he felt he needed to do. Maybe he made the god awful pop record knowing that a new Porcupine Tree record would follow it and that would earn his fan base’s forgiveness?

Too bad the PT album doesn’t come out until June. Eight months away. Oh well.

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