I Need to Keep My Mouth Shut

Five minutes after I published the last post, the one saying I’m 12 hours away from the end of my Covid-19 mini quarantine adventure, I found out there was a second potential exposure last Friday.

It doesn’t change anything. I wasn’t involved, but members of my family were and it was the day we were moving my parents so however minimal the contact was, and however unlikely the source actually had Covid-19 at that point, it’s still shitty.

Again, it doesn’t change anything. It didn’t effect me. It’s just the universe kicking me when I am down, right? Stupid universe.

So I am just going to shut my mouth and watch a super hero TV show and exercise for 12 minutes to close my 30 minute activity ring and then go to bed and not think about karma or any crap like that and just shut my freakin’ mouth.


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