12 Hours

Hang on to your butts, folks. The least optimistic human in the world is about to get all optimistic on your ass.

Approximately 12 hours from now my Covid-19 mini quarantine is going to be over.

Approximately 12 hours from now I am going to come storming into the house, run right to my wife’s office, scoop her up into my arms and give her a richter 10 sized smooch.

Approximately 12 hours from now I am going to still be working in my step son’s room because I won’t have time to rearrange everything before work starts, but at some point after work ends I’ll move everything back and life will go back to normal.

Can I get a hells yes?

I’m not even considering the possibility of things going wrong in the morning because I don’t have Covid-19 and there is no way I am failing and testing positive. Nope. No way in hell.

This is me being overly cautions, and also putting that kick ass Pfizer vaccine to work for me. Covid free, babie. You’ll see.

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