Another Step

I am really nervous. Another step toward resolving my parents’ healthcare issues is about to happen. I am not going into details, but my brother and sister and mother and father are about to do something that I really, really need to go well.

No, that’s not a good enough description. Let me try again…

I really, really, really, really, really, really need things to go very, very, very, very, very, very well.

I’m sending out all of the positive red head vibes* I can. Come on, universe, don’t let me down. After a year and a half of Covid-19 on top of all the family health problems, you owe me, universe. You owe me.

Fingers crossed
Toes crossed
Eyes crossed

*Red head vibes are the best vibes. You have to be a red head to know this, but it is true. Red head vibes are powerful things. I have to be careful to use them sparingly, and to only ever use them as a force for good. I have used them a lot since Friday. When I say a lot I mean, a lot.

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