Smoke Alarm

I went to sleep at 11:00. At 1:00 the smoke alarm in the hall outside of our room went off. It blared about three times and then it stopped. I spent 10 minutes wandering the house trying to see if there was anything going on and then it went off again. 3-4 beeps and then it stopped. I took it down, blew some air into it to try and dislodge any dust or whatever, and sat up until 2:00 to see if it would go off again. It didn’t. It’s 8:24 and it still hasn’t.

What’s up, smoke alarm? You just messing with us?

Litter box changed
Trash taken out to the street
Lake Asshole in the cellar vacuumed up
The dehumidifier in the cellar emptied
The wet vac that cleared up Lake Asshole emptied
The first of probably two loads of laundry started

30 minutes until I punch in to work. It’s a nana sitting night so I need to get all my shit together before the work day ends. I’m still super sweaty from the Lake Asshole experience. I should have taken a vacation day today. Then again, I kinda wish I could take a vacation day everyday but what can you do, right?