Half Day

I’m working a half day today so that I can go visit my father in the hospital. I’m off the clock at 1:00pm. Sweet. I’m off for a full day on the 18th as that’s the day we help my step daughter move out of her dorm. Mothers Day is Sunday, that should be nice. My step Daughter’s birthday is the 19th and it’s a milestone year for her. Very excited.

There’s something else going on this month too. Another landmark event type of thing. I wish I could remember what it was but it seems I’ve blocked it from my memory. If I remember what it is I’ll probably write about it, but even though it’s a huge landmark it can’t be that important, right?

3 thoughts on “Half Day

    1. No, but I should have mentioned that day too. I was thinking about something that might be more like 50 years old. Something I really don’t want to think about.

      1. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that that one particular thing was missing from your post! And it’s early in the month, too. (As opposed to the memorable day that’s much later in the month…)

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