The Case of the Missing Roomba Part 2

I really don’t want this to become a thing for me, but here goes part two.

During Mr DJ Roomba, Esq’s Monday morning run he managed to get stuck behind a door in my step son’s bedroom and was unable to escape. Eventually his battery ran out. When I got up that morning and walked past his home base he wasn’t there.

This morning was Mr DJ Roomba, Esq’s first run since that tragedy and once again when I woke up and walked past his base he wasn’t there. How? This time I found him in the living room under a table. He got one of his wheels stuck on something and he couldn’t get free. I don’t know if he shut himself off or if he let his battery run out again. His dust bin was almost empty so it is safe to say he got stuck very early in his journey.

Poor Mr DJ Roomba, Esq. After a few weeks worth of successful missions he has now failed on consecutive outings. I’m not sure if I should give him an encouraging pep talk (you’ll do better tomorrow) or if I should be harsh with him (we’re looking into a performance improvement plan). Either way, he next rolls at 3:00 AM on Friday morning. Safer travels at that time, Mr DJ Roomba Esq.

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