Car Music Tomorrow

I promised myself I’d do some singing in the car this morning before the cleaning and de-christmasing started.

I didn’t.

Now I am promising myself I’ll do some singing in the car before the cleaning re-commences in the morning. You heard it here first and unlike the terrorist who attacked the US Capital this week and now today are blaming it on antifa, including the clowns saying they just followed antifa into the building so they could use the bathroom, I am not taking fantasies out of my ass.

The fact that cheeto McClownshoes hasn’t been removed from office yet is insulting beyond words. He instigates a terrorist attack on the federal government and there are no consequences. Osama Bin Laden must be really jealous right now, assuming he gets internet from his grave at the bottom of the sea.

Car music in the morning. 25th amendment in the afternoon. Impeachment on Monday. Do your fucking jobs. Remove the head of the terrorist cult from power. Now.

Also, antifa is not an organization. I know this for a fact. How do I know this for a fact? I know this for a fact because if antifa were an actual organization I would be a member. Q.E.Fucking.D.

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