Shipping Blues

There are three Christmas packages that haven’t been delivered yet. At lunch today I took a minute to check their status. Let the laughter and the tears commence.

Package #1 was ordered from a popular brick and mortar store’s website. The order was placed on 12/10. I received a ship notice two days ago. Prior to that, the estimated delivery date was 12/24. When the shipping notice came the date was changed to 12/22. That’s today. The order page currently still shows the estimated delivery date of 12/22, but when I look up the tracking number on the carrier’s website…

They haven’t received the package yet.

Package #2 was more of a last minute thing. I ordered it on 12/16, figuring if it arrived on time that would be great, but if not it’s not the end of the world. This order was placed with the manufacturer’s website. When I check my account, the order page states that the estimated delivery date is 12/22. What a coincidence! When I look up the tracking number on the carrier’s website (a different carrier than package #1) it says…

The estimated delivery date is 12/28.

Package #3 was ordered very early, on 12/7. It includes one Christmas gift and two unrelated, non-Christmas items. The order was placed with the big guy: Amazon. The package shipped on 12/8. Good customer service right there, eh? The estimated delivery date was 12/10. It hasn’t arrived. What does the tracking page say?

It could be lost. I called and got a refund.

It’s a Covid Christmas after all. HoHoHo

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