It’s a Covid Christmas

It was bound to happen, but did it have to happen to that one?

It’s a Covid Christmas so all of my shopping has been done online. It’s a Covid Christmas so all of my shopping was done much earlier than I usually do it out of fear that somewhere along the supply chain the workforce would be having health issues and things would be delayed.

I found out today that my one big gift… the showstopper, if there were an actual showstopper this year, has had it’s estimated delivery date changed from this weekend to 12/24. Covid Christmas Eve.

I mean, I knew some of the gifts were going to get delayed, and some would probably be delayed long enough to morph from Christmas gift to Birthday gift, but why did it have to be that one?

Ho Ho OhNo!

(No worries, I have a backup plan. I’m covered. I mean, it’s a Covid Christmas after all, right?)

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