The Mandalorian: How Good is it Really?

No spoilers.

I just watched the new episode of The Mandalorian and it’s lead me to ask a rhetorical question of the universe.

Is this show really as good as I think it is, or am I just such a complete Star Wars fanatic that it appears fantastic to me when it’s actually less than stellar?

I think we’ve had six episodes in season two. With the exception of episode two, I have finished each viewing thinking to myself something along the lines of, well they’ll never top this one. The second episode was excellent but probably not better than the first. Three through six just kept one upping the awesome. Some of it is formula; Mando goes to someone for help and they say sure, but you have to do this quest for me first. The season has felt like an old TV western about the traveling gun fighter. The Lone Ranger with a cooler mask. There have been call backs and cameos the likes of which we never expected. The action sequences and special effects are movie quality and the story we’re following is gripping. Even given how good the first season was, I can’t believe how good season two has been.

But has it been that good, really? Speaking as a lifelong Star Wars fanboy, is my reaction to the quality of the show accurate or is it so colored by 40+ years of fandom that I can’t see the Endor forest for the trees?

My one complaint is still that the episodes tend to run really short. This week’s was less than 30 minutes. That doesn’t take away from anything, but it does leave me wanting more.

Just watch it. I may not be 100% objective, but I think it’s pretty close to perfect.

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