Musical Progress

I did some singing in the car this morning. I’m working on part two of The Great Re-Recording Project of 2015. I put down vocals for three songs. The goal with this project is to make it sound slightly better than the demo quality I usually shoot for. Part of that is there is no copy/paste allowed. That means if a song runs through the chorus section more than once, I sing it more than once. I also doubled almost everything. I’m not sure if I’ll keep both takes in the mix or if I’ll comp them together. It could go either way at this point. Strangely, the three songs I worked on today didn’t have any vocal harmonies in the original versions. I added a little into one song but I didn’t double that. I’m stuck with it as is. I also may have changed one line of the lyrics to one song. I did it on the fly, but it was on purpose. I didn’t screw something up and then decide to keep it because I didn’t want to go back and fix it. I’ve done that before, but not today.

The weird thing was how difficult it all was. When I did part one of this dumb project I was pleased how easy it was to crank out vocals for all of the old songs. Almost as if I was a terrible singer and an amateurish song writer and I purposely made the vocal parts easy. I didn’t, but that’s how it felt. Today was just tough. Literally everything was near the top of my range (which could be a lot smaller than it used to be, I’ll admit it) and I had to pretty much scream to get it all out. There were times when I was incapable of keeping my eyes open because I was belting so hard. Worse, there was one time where I seriously thought I yelled hard enough to make myself throw up. I didn’t, but it was a close call for a second or two.

I had six songs ready to go but in 90 minutes or so I only got to three. If this were the usual album in a month thing I probably would have finished them all. Instead I was adding extra takes and not using copy/paste and just in general being a lot pickier with what I kept. Hopefully that will lead to a better end result but realistically… probably not.

When I started this up again in June I had songs lined up in four groups of eight. After all of the album in a month craziness I have added two more from this year’s batch of crap. I was going to make part 2 be 10 songs but instead I shuffled some things around and now parts 2 and 3 are nine songs each. What does that mean?

Absolutely nothing.

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