Mark Time March

I can’t exercise. Every time I try my back starts to hurt like crazy and I have to stop. It’s really frustrating. I’ve ballooned up to the size of a small mountain and I can’t do anything to work any of that largess off.

I was thinking back to marching band, because I am mentally deficient, I guess. We used to do a lot of marching in place. Marking time, it was called. Yesterday I had a moment where my watch gave me a notification that I hadn’t stood up at all for almost an hour so I pushed my fancy desk chair away from my desk and stood up… and started marking time. Just walking in place. I did it for 2-3 minutes and felt a little tiny bit good about myself. It took a while to realize what that feeling was because it’s been so long since I felt it, but eventually my brain worked it out.

I decided I’d try it again today. Just before 11:00am I did it again. This time for five minutes. It left my legs feeling like rubber, but once again I was a teeny tiny bit pleased with myself. Just after 2:00pm I did it again. Five minutes. This time I turned on the exercise tracker on my watch. I feel like I’m going to keel over this time, but again… it didn’t feel like a mistake.

I don’t know if I’ll do it again tonight, but I think fat boy might do it again tomorrow. Once, at least. Maybe twice.

Marching band… for the win? Who woulda thunk it?