Another Corona-Monday

Looks like another corona-Monday…. Sing that to the tune of Tequila Sunrise. I’d come up with more, but I don’t know any more of that song. Like most American guitar players who grew up in the 80’s, I had a cup of coffee with Joe Walsh fandom, but I never really connected with The Eagles. Sorry, guys. James Gang… Funk #49… I wouldn’t mind The Lizardfish taking a crack at that one. I brought it up once, but it didn’t connect. Really, if you want to go James Gang, I’d rather go with something from the Tommy Bolin years. Bang is such a great album. Alexis is pretty close to perfect.

What was I talking about? I don’t know. It’s Monday and I am tired and sad and I want to go back to bed. The ‘Rona’s got me feeling blue today, I think. Bellana’s leaving for school on Wednesday. I saw a news report of the police department in Burlington breaking up a college party with over 100 people. Ugh. I can’t find the article now so I’m afraid I dreamed it. I just don’t want her exposed to that. There’s too much Covid out there.

Speaking of Lizardfish… well, specifically lizards… is it normal for your poison ivy rash to turn into lizard-like scales? That’s sure what it feels like right now. I’m all swollen from the steroids, and I am apparently growing armor on top of it. That can’t be good. Clearly the poison ivy situation is developing. The itch has been much lower today. I even forgot to take the Benadryl last night. The tendinitis though… is that just the new normal? Is my thumb going to hurt a lot for the rest of my life? That’s kinda the vibe I’m getting off of it right now. It’s been over a month without any positive changes. Am I going to keep the Ace Bandage company in business for the next 30 years? Ugh.

I got into a conversation in a guitar players bookfayce group today. It had something to do with using Klon style overdrive pedals as a boost. I mentioned I once tried a setup with a Klon pedal into a fulltone OCD into a a Klon clone, with the first Klon as a clean boost and the second as a huge volume boost. That discussion did too things. Once again it pissed me off to remember how the guy behind fulltone is such a racist prick that I can’t let myself use his products anymore… and I had to explain once again to a fellow bookfayce user how racism = bad, which added to the overall depression of the day, but it also made me realize that I haven’t needed a volume boost for lead parts since the last time Lizardfish played together which was February 1st. We’re coming up on seven months since I last played with the band. Well, fat boy, why don’t you just keep piling that depressing crap onto your shoulders like some kinda of glutton for punishment. Dumb ass.

Two of my coworkers are on vacation this week, which pretty much guarantees one of our customers is going to have a total system melt down within the next 4.5 days. It’s kind of a given. Oh good.

The Bruins won last night. Well that’s good, right? Game two is tomorrow. If Jaroslav Halak leads us to the Cup will he automatically become Mayor of Boston? Is that like… a thing? What will the Stanley Cup parade look like this year? If Boston wins, will there be one? If, let’s say, Tampa Bay wins (they won’t because Boston is going to bounce them in the second round, right? RIGHT???) will there be a giant parade without any masks or social distance measure that will result in thousands of new Covid-19 cases? Crap.

If there’s one thing about the nearly six months of Covid Lockdown (so far) that I have learned about myself it is that I still love Chef Boyardee Ravioli. I think I am eating it 25-30 times a week. I’m not getting sick of it yet. I might at some point, but not yet. I just had some for lunch. Bliss.

That Pedal Show usually does a Monday afternoon (US Easter Daylight Savings Time) live Q&A show. They are usually on when I go to lunch. I went to lunch half an hour ago and they still aren’t on. I think they knew I was feeling low today and are just rubbing salt into my emotional wounds. Not even Chef Boyardee Ravioli can pull me out of this one. A big plate of Quinoa for dinner tonight might be able to do it though.

What the hell was I talking about? This post was going to have a point. Now? Not so much. If you have kids, go hug them. If you have a spouse, go hug him/her. If you have poison ivy, for goodness sake STOP SCRATCHING IT!

By for now, kids.