A Pedal Junkie’s First

There are guitar pedals that I covet that are no longer in production that cost a small fortune that I would love to get my mitts on, but given the cost I would never actually consider.

That’s a common occurance (looking at you, vintage EHX Electric Mistress, and Triangle Big Muff, and Klon Centaur, and a bunch more).

Today I put a new twist on this for the first time. I looked around for a certain pedal that I know is out of production, but the used market is not out of control at all. It’s a Keeley 1962, or a 1962x. I’ve got a hankering for that Blues Breaker style pedal and I still have a year or more to suffer through the Analogman King of Tone waiting list, and I was hoping to get something cheaper than a Wampler Pantheon, and I refuse to do business with JHS (Google it). I’ve seen Keeley 1962 pedals for less than the Pantheon, so I went looking today.


I found one for sale on ebay from a seller in Japan.

For the first time in my internet shopping pedal junkie existence… I have been denied.